In response to the Star Metro 27 April 2009 on

“Ray of hope for Bukit Gasing folk”



I sympathise with the present residents in the area against development near their neighourbood, and it is a grave concern that the high court judge has not provided a solution in the case as to whether : -


a)      The Town & Country Planning Act 1976 (Amendment) 2001 applies in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur for any development application, OR


b)      The Federal Territory Planning Act 1982 be followed for development

       applications in Kuala Lumpur W.P.?     


It just amazes me that a High Court judge is unable to decide on a matter of law and needs a hearing in order to make a decision on which law is to be applied for development applications in Kuala Lumpur.  Isn’t a judge supposed to already know the law?  


By allowing such a fundamental matter to be debated in court, what will happen now? Are property owners and the DBKL supposed to sit and wait for the matter to be argued and done with before any pending applications are processed?  DBKL is already slower than a turtle when it comes to processing applications!


Can our legislators be so stupid as to have gazetted two contradictory Acts and our local authorities so incompetent and unable to determine which one is to be applied in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur?  


Can anyone out there guide me on this?



Law Ignorant Property Owner.