Bkt Gasing temple works a risk to public: Ikram


by Llew-Ann Phang


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PETALING JAYA: The Public WorksInstitute (Ikram) has found the SivanTemple development on Bukit Gasing to be a risk to public safety and repair works are being carried out on its foundation. 


The temple grounds is divided into  two major areas of concern and Ikram  has only completed its report on the  first area. 


Petaling Jaya City (MBPJ) councilor Derek Fernandez said after Ikram’s findings and recommendations, the  developer has begun work to stabilize  the grounds, including correcting the erosion. 


“The MBPJ’s engineering department  is heading  this task to ensure that  the people involved in the construction  abide by the repair works and all  that is necessary to ensure safety are  completed accordingly. 


“It’s on-going but it’s slow. We’re  also looking into Ikram expanding its  investigations into the second area to  look into land stability and the stabilization  methods,” he said.


“The costs for further investigations,  however, would have to be  borne by the temple authorities,”  added Fernandez. 


MBPJ and the temple authorities  are still discussing the next course of  action. 


The Sivan Temple was fi rst thrust  into the limelight after a landslide on  March 21, 2007. 


The 40-year-old site where renovation  works were being carried out was  once a shrine and it expanded into a  moderate temple to an even larger  temple complex. 


The  complex had originally been  planned to occupy 1,400 sq m but the  new site is estimated to be about four  times, at 5,700 sq m. 


The three-storey project, when  completed, would accommodate  8,000 people and the construction of  36 meditation huts, among other attractions. 


MBPJ issued a stop-work order  the following day  after the landslide, ordering the demolition of the extension of the construction but the order  was ignored. 


On Oct 18 last year, MBPJ issued  yet another stop-work order on the renovation and extension work after councillors Fernandez and A. Thiruvenggadam voiced their concern about the development. 


Amid their cries of concern for  public safety, there were also questions on the land ownership and it was revealed that the land belonged to the state government. 


Subsequently, MBPJ and the state  government, particularly Selangor Health, Estates Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Committee chairman Dr A. Xavier Jeyakumar, who is also part of the state’s committee for non-Muslim religious affairs, have  been working to resolve the issue.


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