Saturday June 27, 2009

Tight squeeze in PJ Section 5



THE parking problem along Jalan Chantek in Section 5, Petaling Jaya, has become unbearable.

Parking bays for the row of shops there are limited and, as a result, motorists park their vehicles on both sides of the two-lane road even during non-peak hours.

The place is nightmarish during peak hours, when the lunch crowd visit the popular restaurants here and when parents send their children to school. The safety of pedestrians and motorists is at risk as minor accidents often happen.

Signs have been put up to show that vehicles parked haphazardly will be towed away but this has failed to solve the problem.

Section 5 Residents Association president Johan Tung Abdullah said they had requested the council to install traffic cones along the sides of the road but that would only move the problem elsewhere.

“This area has become very busy and thus there’s an acute lack of parking space, which we need addressed.

“The association has approached the school’s management to ask if they can give up some space for parking and we are still waiting for an answer,” he said.

Johan also urged the authorities to look into the problem and propose an effective solution to the shortage of parking spaces in the area.